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Overview of a Typical Campaign

The most critical aspects of any marketing campaign remain in tact with multi-channel:

  • The power of the offer – A compelling offer is essential. In order to drive your prospect to take the next step you must have a valuable and relevant offer.
  • The quality of the list – Clean data is a must. This data is used to generate personalized URLs for each recipient. These pURLS are then woven within the direct mail piece, along with other variable data.
  • The quality of the creative – Simple, clean, relevant design is critical. By repeating design elements across all media you will achieve the maximum multiplier effect of each unique “touch” with the prospect.
  • The frequency of communication - A well-designed campaign will include multiple touches over a planned period of time. The power of utilizing multi-channel marketing is that each campaign, by the very nature of the strategy, provides multiple touches utilizing a variety of media all at once. By adding the proper frequency you can literally turbo charge your campaigns.

The typical Symphony campaign starts with mail. It could be a printed direct mail piece, or an e-mail message, preferably both. The documents need to be designed to attract attention and reinforce a message or theme. If the piece is strictly being sent electronically you must ensure that the individual’s browser can open it. Printed pieces should be printed in unique sizes and appealing colors.

Once your campaign is designed, both printed postcards and emails should include pURLS that will drive prospects to an internet-based Landing Page (micro site). The Landing Page welcomes them utilizing personalization and directs them to a brief Survey Page. They will then be asked to fill out a brief 2-5 question Survey that will help you find out more about their unique preferences. Next they will be directed to an Update Profile Page where they can help you clean up your database by changing any inaccurate information you may have or updating missing data. They will then be taken to a Thank You Page that can change dynamically based on answers and choices they have made on previous pages. Finally they will automatically receive a Thank You Email confirming their visit and any calls to action they may have opted for (i.e. seminar registrations, test drives, white paper downloads).

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David, I just wanted to say that I got home and opened up the poster and I am 120% happy and satisfied with the print! Your photo experts did a great job of properly cropping the photo and emphasizing the dome in the middle. Thanks a lot, I am one satisfied customer

By Roderick F. - Photographer
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