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To minimize delays in working with your files, please be prepared to provide us with the following information:

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About Your System...

  • What program(s) did you use to create the document?
    Also be aware of which version of the software you are using.
    Universal Printing & Publishing supports all major graphics software. Feel free to consult our software page for our current list.

  • What type of computer do you use? (PC, Macintosh)

About Your Files...

  • What fonts did you use in your main document and associated graphics? Are the fonts Adobe Type 1, TrueType, OpenType™, or a combination of those? Have you included both screen and printer fonts? (TrueType and OpenType fonts have a single file which includes both the screen and printer font.)
    If you aren't sure how to supply your fonts, click here to learn how to send your fonts to us.

  • If you have placed graphics in your document, have you sent the original graphics files along with the document?
    This means all EPS, TIF, JPG, AI, or other "source files", as well as any art placed within these graphics. (For example, the TIF file placed within an EPS file. You should include all artwork, even if they are "embedded" in your files.)

  • Placed images should be 300 dpi at their placed size in your document.
    Proper output requires proper setup. If your image is 300 dpi, but you blow it up to 400% in your layout program, the dpi drops to 75 dpi. Also note that opening a 72 dpi image in Photoshop and simply bumping up the dpi to 300 does not actually increase the quality of the file.

  • If you used color in the document, what colors did you use and how did you specify the colors (RGB, spot Pantone, CMYK)?

  • Is your document set up to the correct final trim size?

  • Does your document include bleed of at least 1/8" on all cut edges?

  • Are all of your folds set up correctly?
    If you'd like to double-check your folds, refer to our folding guide.

What to give your Customer Service Representative...

  • Please provide a print out of your document at 100% (in color, if possible).

  • Let your Customer Service Representative know all necessary information, such as file dimensions, number of pages, and colors used.

  • Never give away the only copy of your files.
    You never know when a power glitch or clumsy employee might damage a disk, rendering its files unusable. Always have a backup of any files you hand over to anyone.
  • Only give Universal the files they need to produce your document.
    Supplying a disk with extraneous files slows the entire printing process and increases the possibility of incorrect output.

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What our Clients think...
Lynn, Eric just picked up the approved proofs. Thanks so much and we are so pleased with not only the prints but the customer service you guys are providing. Many thanks and hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

By Ethan H. - Marketing Designer
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