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Reduce your medical forms costs with the most efficient online print ordering system!

With ePrint, ordering healthcare forms has never been better. Universal Printing’s cloud software puts the power to build and buy forms in the hands of your staff. Never run out of critical forms with real-time inventory at your fingertips.

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Receive shipments when you need them, at the lowest possible cost to your hospital or clinic. Best of all, cut out the middleman and buy direct from a manufacturer you can rely on.

Are you wasting time and money on accounting costs and inventory management? Frustrated with getting your important forms modified, translated and approved? Wondering why it takes documents up to 6-weeks to arrive? Is your staff busy logging, tracking and distributing forms, with a printer who's unable to meet your demands at the right price and on time?

At Universal Printing, we understand your needs and demands. By eliminating these problems, you can drastically reduce costs, time and effort, and count on your forms to arrive when you need them. Let us become your one-stop shop for medical form design, print and fulfillment services. Have 25,000 unique forms? Our ePrint technology will organize all your printed materials in a secure, corporate branded online store. Custom built for you.  

We provide lightning fast form approval and modifications. Need to edit a form? Submit the info, and our art department will set it up, translate it into any language, and make it available online. We know there are forms and labels you can’t operate without. That’s why we stock them in our 100,000sq ft warehouse, delivered to you when they’re running low.

Our technology delivers purchasing to high profile corporations — serving over 80,000 employees across the US and abroad. Competing hospitals and clinics have reduced their printing costs from 25% to 65% while making their businesses more efficient. It’s time you got the right healthcare form provider, to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. With ePrint, enjoy:

  • Reduce inventory
  • Eliminate accounting costs
  • Track shipments
  • Reduce turnaround times
  • Lightning fast form approval and modifications
  • Translated forms
  • QR codes

Our top products: Conditions of Admission, Request and Authorization form, Advance Directive Brochure Wrapped sets, White Door Name PLT Card, Anesthesia Consent, Lab Specimen Cryo Label, Patient Doctor Name Card, Notice of Privacy, Patient MRI Safety Screening, Authorization to Release Protected Health Information, Visitor Pass, Form Transfusion Report labels, Contrast Media Record, Medicare Message, Medicare Shared Savings

Additional services: Banners, Brochures, Clinical Trials, Envelopes, Invoices, Letterhead, Purchase Orders, Shipping & Receiving Documents, Statements. You name it we’ll print it. Connect with Joe Moye our Medical Forms specialist today.
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Hi Lynn, I cannot thank you enough for helping me with this last order – it came even earlier than expected! I know that you are all incredibly swamped because of the upcoming holiday. You are a pleasure to work with and I appreciate all that you do. Thanks again!

By Justine R. - Project Coordinator Global Pharma
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